Colin’s unique experience in business with many failures and many more success allows him to
provide you with guidance, practical and battle tested strategies to make your business succeed

Fast track your results and allow Colin to provide you with the upmost, up to date experience from small to international business.
Below is a small sample of active and recent projects that Colin is involved in.

Quick Business and Project Scope:

Start-up Franchises – I specialise in developing businesses to franchise locally and abroad, creating multi-national success stories.
Small & Medium Businesses – I am known for turning businesses around using proven strategies that assure success, we make sure no detail is left out from the onset, to implementation, to follow up consultancy. Business owners are sometimes even unaware that this type of assistance is available to them.
International Ventures – My experience includes conducting business in over 23 countries.
Multi-Industrial Companies – I have helped develop successful businesses for Clients in over 100 industries, from construction, to entertainment, from food service to productivity tools.

Specialist areas include, but not limited to:

• New Market Penetration
• Coordinated Complex Customer Requests
• Market Research & Analysis
• Team Building & Management
• Program Development and Management
• Strategic Market Planning
• Marketing Collateral Development
• Web Development & Management
• Direct Marketing Program


Client Overview: MindGenius is a business mind mapping software that helps you capture, visualize and use the information within your business. Designed specifically to meet business needs and this understanding comes across in every single piece of functionality, all added to assist with the common business processes that you face every day, from gathering ideas to managing projects and tasks or presenting to colleagues or clients.

We offer dedicated support for all MindGenius users that are based in Australia and New Zealand, offering Training, Regular Free Webinars, Business Coaching and Tailored Workshops for all business services show you how to best use the MindGenius Software.

Project Overview: Although MindGenius has been in Australia for many years they needed to make more of a market impact in new sales and increase local support for Australia and New Zealand.

Key Outcomes: Within a few short few weeks we established a local based website, articles and webinars

    · We setup Weekly Introduction and Advanced Webinars in project managements
    · Increased One on One consultancy both in Australia and New Zealand to better assist existing and new clients.
    · Increase touch point communication with everyone receiving a welcome call and more focus based consultancy
    · Setup advanced Social Media Campaigns for continued communication
    · Setup several Mind Mapping Courses to help educate users at their own pace – www.thinkresults.com.au

Pegasus Corporation

Demonstrated skills in strategic business plans that include: product roll-out and marketing planning, growth and financial modelling, debt/equity financing structure and product support planning. I have trained and managed fourteen full time employees and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.

As well as motivating employees, I developing employee policies and procedures to assist with the training of new employees.

More detailed Information on Request as well as detailed case studies involved Acer, ANZ, Coffee Club.

Franchise Marketing Australia

Franchise marketing is one of the most specialised fields one can get into. As your franchise marketing partner, we assist your company in generating franchisee leads as well as bringing your business to the forefront in your chosen area. Many marketing firms may claim to be able to successfully market your franchise, but those traditional organisations do not possess the keen insight and precise focus required to provide exemplary results when it comes to franchise marketing.

• Bring more customers into your franchised businesses
• Bring more franchisees into your franchise system
• Get a better ROI on your advertising dollars
• Propel your franchise to the next level and beyond
• Any Industry. Any Size Business. Anywhere in the world

Combining expert knowledge and skills, Franchise Marketing Online brings you the best in class marketing for your franchise. With in-depth analysis, an experienced focus in the franchise industry, and all the benefits of a full web design and development firm, we can propel your franchise onward and upward.

Boost Your Business

We create cost effective online lead generation campaigns to expand your business. In today’s transparent society and fast moving technology’s it’s important for ALL marketing, lead generation and business development campaigns be plugged into all the right systems to create a strong and consistent supply of existing happy customers while generating new ones at the same time.
By using Brand Management, Online Reputation Management, Web Development and Design, all tied together with a strong online marketing campaign using Google Organic, Google Pay Per Click, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other avenues we are able to create targeted but very effective campaigns.

The Boost Your Business Team is comprised of a select pool of global talent. This group brings together world class skills in SME marketing and franchise marketing, web development, project management, print media, graphic design, and more. The unique combination of the Boost Your Business team’s skill sets is specifically formulated to ensure your marketing success.

University of Queensland

Business Information Technology Consultant
I had assisted in Web site promotions and in communicating marketing programs. I developed creative print and online marketing collateral. Duties included providing direct support and management reports to Professor Michael Moore, Director of Queensland Health and Entox.

Selected Contributions:

• Successfully maintained and increased staff communication base by designing and implementing strategic customer-retention projects
• Planned and led execution of online advertising and offline campaign that increased consultancy and public awareness
• Demonstrated immediate talents upon hire and excelled quickly to become recognized by management as key member of the management team
• Contributed campaign theme ideas that proved effective in delivering overall message for each individual research groups
• Developed and implemented policies and procedures over information technology, resulting in standardised reports decreased student damage to IT equipment
• Prepared business plans and developed online computer database support to increase direct technical support allow one IT staff member to support over 60 staff members for IT requests and maintain effective windows exchange environment

Body Armour for Business

With the lightning speed things are changing in the world of business and the constant reinvention and revolution of technology, you will have to keep up with the landslide of new information and waves of innovation around you, in order to stay on top of the industry scene.

Every day we post new information on all topics from business, health and much more. We arm your business with what it needs to be successful in this connection revolution.

Think Results

Think results emerged from years of assisting and educating business people in my consultancy role and realising that much of the business information available to people was outdated and that it was time for new outlooks, new course material and comprehensive marketing packages that offer “real” assistance and “real” advice for an ever changing market.

So offering assistance in learning how to think outside the box, how to approach project management, mind mapping, embrace our entrepreneurial drive, coaching and driving teams of employees – how to lead from the front, using social media to bring out the best in a company – without being bogged down with our important staff sitting on the computer for hours etc.

All this and more became a reality as we took it from the board room to online and back again offering our courses in a way that people resonated to the most. We developed leadership training packages using methods such as Equine Assisted Learning to challenge teams and promote team work at all levels of Management – we’ve shown people how to “Think Outside the Box”.

PT Ezi

PT-EZI was created because there is a massive whole in the Personal Training industry as a whole. Training institutes churn out PT’s like sausages, and these PT’s held the expectation that they would earn 100 grand a year. The reality was much harsher, with PT’s average wage last year being $36,000. Therefore many PT’s and PT businesses were failing within the first 12 months. PT-EZI was set up to help the PT’s grow and manage their businesses and not just be personal trainers. PT-EZI is a business in a box, that teaches PT’s to run a successful business

BYB Mobile Apps

Affordable iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 Mobile Apps for Businesses.

We deliver a beautiful and functional Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites and that is just the beginning of the journey for your business to take advantage of the mobile app revolution for less than a standard size cup of coffee a day!

Your branding is unique and that shouldn’t change when you develop an app for your business. Our platform gives you complete control over every aspect of the finished product – from functionality to aesthetic – with our versatile builder.

Benefits of Mobile Apps For Your Business

Easy To Use
With simple, step-by-step app creation tools and tireless customer support, we make apps easy for small businesses.

Cost Effective
Our mission is to bring great apps to small businesses inexpensively, and our rates are highly affordable.

Increase Your Revenue
With an app from us, customers can contact your business, submit orders, generate referrals, and perform other functions that can help boost your sales.

Loyalty Programs
With mobile loyalty programs and in-app support requests, we can help your business keep customers happy and coming back for more, time and time again.

Go Viral
With social media functions, your app can become the seed of viral activity, helping your business grow quickly.

Understand Your Business
With data tracking, analytics, and reporting, you can gain valuable insights into your customers from their app usage.

Be Part of the Mobile Revolution
Mobile activity is overtaking desktop activity. With our apps, you can be where everyone is headed and ensure the long-term success of your business.


Australia’s premier text messaging platform for business.
In 2004 the founders of BYB SMS were looking for an easy to use online SMS web service that they could integrate into some of their early projects. They couldn’t find one. The outcome was to build their own from scratch without looking at the rest of the industry. This has led to the creation of our customer feedback driven, Saas web SMS service that has re-defined the way messaging companies are doing business online.

Whether you’ve got a big mailing list or you’re just starting out, we have a BYB SMS pricing plan that will work for you. Reliable and trusted company, providing SMS solutions to businesses and government agencies since 2004.

Top 10 App

If you’ve ever visited a town or city anywhere in the world, you’ve probably asked yourself, what are the very best things to do while I’m here. Even in your local area, there are probably hundreds of things to do and places to visit that you never knew existed.
Sure there are heaps of tourism sites and things to do sites, but they just give you a choice of hundreds of different things and you can spend half your holiday just trawling through all the info.So we built the Top 10!

We have reviewed thousands of cafes, restaurants, activities, and services to find the very best each city has to offer. We’ve gleaned inside knowledge from the locals in each town for some of those hidden gems. We’ve found the best free activities and the most fun ones too. Best of all we’ve kept things very simple so choice doesn’t confuse you and we provide all the details you need to review, contact or find directions to the location.

We have limited the categories to those you really would be interested in and then limited those to the 10 best.

Each company is clearly listed with all the contact details. We don’t act as some middleman taking your booking and liaising with the owners without telling you whom they are. If you want to know if the bus picks you up from your hotel or what to bring on the day, just give them a call or pop in to see them.

Real Estate Trade

Realestatetrade was founded on the age-old, yet seemingly forgotten, concept of traditional trading ones’ goods for anothers’ goods. It has only come about in recent times that a detailed marketing strategy for a “cash only’ sale has come to fruition. In general, people selling their home, boat, business, or motor vehicle are looking to either purchase something else in a similar field or try their hand at something entirely new.

From this, it seems, we as the public have forgotten that trading is by no means the main stream route for asset sales but is, if done correctly, the most simple and non-time-consuming method. This is not to say that a cash sale can not be achieved, as our site is dedicated to all forms of transactions to be achievable we merely want the users of the world to know that there are many viable avenues to consider, when thinking of buying or selling high value items.

The Realestatetrade team has dedicated decades to the Real Estate, Asset Trading and Motoring Industries. We know the ins and outs of buying, selling and trading, the hardships and man hours it takes to do accurate and detailed marketing plans, We also know that we can all do this in little more than 5 minutes if given an easy platform on which to do so. The truth is, you as the owner of your item know far more about your assets than most agents or brokers ever will.


Deck Max

Based on the Gold Coast however had some national presence but needed to grow a stronger network nationally. Deck Max provide specialised decking products to the construction, building and consumer industries. The key challenges were: national distribution, identity issues, providing clear communications to what the product was and there was little information on the internet.

Key Achievements

    • Undertook Business Analysis and customised a Business and Marketing Plan which was integrated into Project Management software using MindGenius and MS Projects which allowed for improvement of project completion by over 60%
    • Identified which areas of the branding and marketing needed to be improved, which then undertook an aggressive online and offline marketing strategy which increased national awareness by over 200%
    • Created simple office base systems for tracking of shipments including assisting with negotiating better shipping matrixes.
    • Undertook advanced sales training on the small team which increased telephone sales from below 10% to over 40%


Kubarz, a world leading beverage catering and mobile bar franchise, has announced its plans to expand operations to the UK and New Zealand during the next two years. The announcement follows the franchise’s unbroken years of record success from the time it started operations in 2003 and then franchised in 2009.

In a briefing that was sent to newsrooms, the two partners who have been behind the phenomenal success of the franchise narrated how they incidentally met and began what is now promising to be one of the biggest and most successful franchises in the world.

Mr. Colin Cooper, who is one of the partners, owner and founder of Boost Your Business narrated how he was hired to brainstorm ideas for the rebranding of the company which was by then known as On Tap and owned by Mr. Drew Davies. That contract gave birth to Kubarz and transformed it from a company-owned structure into a world-renown franchise. There has been no going back ever since then.

Colin, who has background experience in, web design, new media marketing and Project Management, now acts as the marketing director of Kubarz while Drew and his team handle project management for the franchise.

Colin and his team undertook all aspects of the business from Branding, Franchise Development, Business Development, Systems, marketing, PR and More

Coffee Club

Colin worked very closely with Greg Pond on turning several stores around that were under performing. Assisting in new marketing strategies for attracting Consumer and Business customers by using advanced profiling and business analytics. Colin was able to assist in turning around a store that was losing a large sum of money each week to a profit within 3 short months.

Red Earth Energy

Red Earth can provide a wide range of energy storage solutions for many applications. We have a deep understanding of the energy market and our products are fully engineered using only high quality components. Currently working with Red Earth on a new market strategies and advanced demographic profiling. This campaign is currently under way so for further information please contact me directly.

Stuff A Loons

I was charged with the task of turning this company around, when they first approached me it was a small online store with some potential however locally based to QLD. The core challenges we were faced with the company, where they had little policy and procedures and all marketing efforts were non existent.

Key Achievements

• Recreated the business from the ground up by writing and implementing a comprehensive business development and marketing project plan within the first 10 days and began implementing it within 14 days which the company started to see the benefits of results within the first 40 days.
• Created a detailed and clear 10 step business system which I have previously used in Franchise networks that I have consulted with. This allowed Stuff- A-Loons to appoint “agents” around Australia which in turn allowed them to grow nationally without large expense. Within the first 4 months of marketing, they appointed 12 more agents nationally with interest overseas, which increased company turnover by $200,000 plus per year more and is still growing.

Professional Endorsements

Powerware Australia

Through Brad from Eaton (Powerware) working closely with Colin from Pegasus, has provided a direct solution to business needs straight from the manufacture to the end solution. This relationship ensures we can provide you with the very best pricing and service possible and be far more responsive to your needs with the best advice on hand at all times.

Colin and his successful team has a commitment to quality and service, and by choosing a company that directly partners with manufacturers ensures you are always given the best solutions to always achieve the results needed.

About Eaton
Eaton is a leading global provider of comprehensive power quality and backup power management solutions, consistently delivering the high 9s of availability demanded by today’s digital economy under the Powerware brand. Powerware solutions include the broadest range of power quality products and services available today:

• Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
• DC power systems
• Management software
• Comprehensive services

Technology Leadership
For more than 40 years, Eaton has worked closely with customers to meet their requirements for innovative, end-to-end power protection and management solutions. That’s why thousands of customers around the world put their confidence in Eaton’s comprehensive Powerware solutions to protect their mission-critical systems. Eaton strives for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation products that fulfil specific customer requirements.

Acer Computer Australia

Acer has enjoyed a successful relationship with Colin Cooper, bringing operational and smart solutions to the Australian and International business marketplace. In a highly competitive industry, you need focus on execution with speed, discipline and precision.

By having a direct relationship, from a manufacturer to a Business Solution Provider. This provides a key link to successful results, which allows us to find out more about your requirements allowing solutions to be tailored to your needs quickly. This enhances the success rate and deliverability of products and services to you. As timelines that are set, are met, as we are not waiting on third parties to pass information, ensuring everyone gets the same thing, RESULTS!

About Acer
Acer ranks as the world’s number 3 vendor for total PCs and number 2 for Notebooks*, with the fastest growth among the top 5 players. Focused on marketing its’ brand – name IT products around the globe, Acer has constantly pursued the goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. Acer Inc. employs 5,300 people supporting dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries. Revenues in 2006 reaching US11.32 billion.

Established in 1990, Acer Computer Australia (ACA) has 492 employees and has grown to become Australia’s number 3 PC vendor, and number 2 LCD monitor vendor. ACA provides first level support to customers through its national call centres, and Acer’s wholly owned repair centres located in all major metropolitan cities in Australia and New Zealand.

Please visit www.acer.com.au
* Gartner research preliminary reports (Q307) for Q3 in 2007

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